Improving School Safety

In the world we live in today going to school can almost get you killed.  Back when most adults were growing up the worst thing that could possibly happen to you is getting needles or razorblades in your Halloween candy.  Today, you walk outside your house and go to school you could be shot.  As a result many parents are opting to purchase bulletproof backpack inserts for their kids’ protection. 

Learn about warning signs

It is important to look at warning signs.  When we see children acting out in class, talking bad, bullying or even threating other students, teachers and administration need to take a hard look at the issues.  In the past many of these incidents were chalked up to boys will be boys or this is how kids act nowadays.  Well, in today’s environment it could result in a child pulling out a gun and shooting up the school.

Do random checks

Random locker checks and other random checks of the school may seem as it is invading the privacy of students.  However, when it comes to the safety of others a little investigation is a good thing.  Parents, teachers and students need to realize that we are only doing this to protect the masses of the school.  If you are not doing anything wrong or if you are not looking to cause an issue, then there is nothing to be worried about and a simple search will reveal that.

bulletproof backpack inserts

Do trainings on how to act in school

Many students don’t have good role models in their lives.  Many students also have busy parents that don’t have the time to watch their kids all the time.  This is why that the school and other social programs are needed to teach and mentor the children.  If they are getting bad or confusing messages, then they need to be addressed.  When we can locate and remove the core issues that students have that could result in a shooting or other acts of violence, then we make the world a safer place to be.