Understanding Packaging 101

In the world of commerce there is a large area of the population that doesn’t really pay attention to packaging.  For most people the desire to purchase a product is done through commercials and other advertising.  However, packaging consulting is a huge business and one that if not done correctly can result in millions of dollars being lost on a specific product.

Worldwide considerations

First of all, when creating a package, you just don’t create one package, you have to create many different packages.  The biggest is done to ensure worldwide distribution.  When dealing with many different countries you have to ensure that any languages are correct on the packages.  You want to make sure that the meanings behind some of the words you use are not offensive and that you are not showing any images or graphics that are offensive or against the law. 

Shelf space design

Next, you want to see how the package will fit on a shelf.  If your package is too large or doesn’t conform to the available space on a shelf, then many businesses won’t allow the package in their stores.  When dealing with shelf space it is all about what moves.  If your product moves or is popular as a new product, then it will get a better place on the shelf.  If the product doesn’t sell then it will go into the void of shelf space.  This is why you want to make sure that your package fits perfectly in the area that you want it to be seen.

packaging consulting

The package supports your product

Don’t create a package just to create a package.  You want to create a package that will suit your product.  One thing that you don’t want to do is waste money on packaging or have a package that is not made for your specific product.  For example, you would never put a juice product in a plastic bag.